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Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Entrepreneurship and Making a Positive Difference

Embarking on a journey that has spanned over 16 years, I have dedicated my professional life to the pursuit of sustainability, through networking and social impact projects. As an entrepreneur, communications professional, and sustainability advocate, I have witnessed the growth of sustainable practices and transformative power. It is time to share some insights from my own experiences while highlighting lessons learned along the way.

Cultural Industry: My entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 when I initially focused on promoting cultural industries (ex. Romanian films, and theatre projects). These early endeavors gave me a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of society, culture, and the environment and laid the foundation for my future projects. Through my involvement in these projects, I have learned the importance of incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our lives to achieve a more equitable future.

Environmental education: Guerrilla Verde. In 2009, out of a passion for environmental protection and the impact of documentaries, I founded the educational platform Guerrilla Verde – it started with local events, film projections, and debates in schools, and today it become an educational ecological online platform. My goal with Guerrilla Verde was to raise awareness and inspire the next generations to adopt sustainable practices but mostly exercise critical thinking. During this time, I realized the power of effective communication as a catalyst for change. By creating inspiring messages and inspiring stories, I realized I could inspire action and ignite public consciousness toward environmental protection.

Educational platform for green technology: Green Tech & Film Festival. The launch of the Green Tech & Film Festival in 2017 took another major leap forward. As an educational platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle, environmental awareness, and existing green technologies, through documentaries, debates, conferences, and webinars. Through this festival, my eyes were exposed to the tremendous potential of multi-sectoral and cross-sectoral partnerships to advance sustainability initiatives. By bringing together NGOs, businesses, and individuals, we can increase our impact and activate a community of change-makers.

The power of storytelling. Who inspire you? As I start producing the online documentary "10" (Zece / Ten) in 2018, I began to understand how powerful storytelling can inspire people and contribute to a shift in people’s minds. This documentary was intended to shed light on our pressing social and environmental issues by painting a portrait of a changing society. It was officially launched on May 21, 2018, and is still available for free on Youtube Channel. By producing "10" (Zece), I gained a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of storytelling. It reinforced my belief in the power of film and media to effect social change, inspire dialogue and inspire collective action.

Sustainable Living Podcast: In 2021, I started a new project called Sustainable Living Podcast. This platform allowed for engagement with a global audience, sharing practical advice and inspiring stories of sustainable living locally and worldwide. Through conversations with experts and individuals related to sustainable development, I enhanced my understanding of the challenges we face and the transformational action needed. The podcast created positive change, empowering listeners to make sustainable choices and inspire collective action.

Personal transformation and ongoing journey: Throughout my journey, I have made personal transformations, realizing that sustainable development is not only a professional endeavor but a way of life. It became connected to my values, influencing my daily decisions and shaping my choices. I learned the importance of being flexible, adaptable, and embracing continuous learning. This is a lifelong journey of growth and discovery, and I am determined to evolve along with it. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Bucharest in Romania, where I study social impact. I am also part of the GEMINI an academic research project with an excellent team, that speaks to the youth of 10 European countries by giving them the right tools to identify and combat stereotypes and gender inequality. The program also aims to empower young people to become "gender equality ambassadors" in their daily lives.

Lessons Learned: I have learned valuable lessons from my experiences.

1/ First, effective communication plays an important role in motivating change and mobilizing communities only when combined with authenticity and purpose in communication. Creating a narrative that aligns with people’s values ​​and aspirations creates stronger relationships. In a world bombarded with messages, staying true to one's values and communicating with genuine passion and purpose is essential. By aligning our communication efforts with a higher purpose, we can inspire others and create a meaningful impact.

2/ Second, unity is key; No significant change can be achieved in isolation. No company can tackle sustainability challenges alone. By fostering partnerships and engaging diverse stakeholders, we can leverage our collective knowledge and resources to achieve meaningful outcomes. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities amplifies our collective impact. I have witnessed the transformative power of partnerships in driving sustainability initiatives forward. Building strong alliances, sharing resources and expertise, and fostering a collaborative mindset is key to addressing complex challenges.

3/ Using narrative as a catalyst for change. Storytelling is a powerful tool for emotionally connecting with audiences and inspiring action. Through my projects, I have seen how stories can generate empathy, spark conversation, and motivate individuals toward sustainable practices. Sharing persuasive stories that align with people’s experiences and values ​​is an effective way to make a difference.

4/ Embracing innovation for social change. As technology continues to advance rapidly, embracing innovation becomes crucial in communication. Harnessing the power of digital platforms, social media, and emerging technologies can significantly expand our reach and engagement. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we can leverage new tools to disseminate information, foster dialogue, and drive behavior change.

5/ Mentoring and Empowering the Next Generation. As experienced professionals, it is our responsibility to mentor and empower the next generation of communicators and sustainability leaders. Sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences with aspiring individuals fosters a culture of learning and growth. Mentoring topics can include ethical communication, effective stakeholder engagement, sustainable storytelling, and leveraging media for social impact. By nurturing the skills and passion of emerging communicators, we can build a stronger and more sustainable future together.

Finally, today we understand that sustainability is a concept that permeates every aspect of our lives. It requires a shift in perspective and understanding that our choices and actions ripple and shape the world in which we live.

I remain humbled by the leadership, the lessons I have learned, and the great potential for positive change that hopefully will get me going for the next 16 years to come.

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