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Reimagining entertainment

Wherever you look, “immersive” seems to be the new watchword in entertainment. Whether it’s games, movies, theme park attractions, museums, or galleries and exhibition venues, putting your audience at the heart of the action is definitely the way forward. What is immersive entertainment?

Gaming and storytelling tools for shaping the next generation– helping build a more resilient and sustainable society. A step further in raising awareness about the importance of sustainability: through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), we have come to realize the potential of this sector in raising awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals among younger generations through the 'Playing for the Planet Alliance' between UNEP and the largest companies in this sector - developers and leading video game manufacturers have committed to integrating eco-friendly messages for players.

Zai Ortiz is a visionary creative who drives immersive entertainment experiences that blur the lines between gaming, film, and play in the physical and digital world with AI and Web3.

His ability to bridge artistic storytelling with technical innovations has defined his career. BIO: Zai Ortiz has spent his whole 20-year career working with cutting-edge technology, whether it is in interactive game creation or Hollywood visual effects, driven by a continuous fascination with how video games, movies, and new technologies all come together.

From a visionary businessman turned game developer. He handles several multimillion-dollar artistic projects. Zai Ortiz is the creator of the J.A.R.V.I.S. system holograms in Marvel's Iron Man. Zais's latest projects aim to bring people on how to leverage blockchain as a competitive advantage. Through the utilization of Web2 and Web3, upcoming entrepreneurs leverage Web3 business models using games and NFTs. His ability to incorporate his works into Web 3 allows him to transport viewers to a different world.

Zai Ortiz is the visionary entrepreneur-turned-game maker who sits behind the wheel of multiple million-dollar creative projects.

”I like to say that when you watch a movie you are very passive and you're watching something without doing anything, but the director is guiding you through his own journey, which is beautiful because sometimes we want that. But there's another part of it that's interactive, that's immersive where you want to be the storyteller and be able to navigate and go through certain areas in a plot. So if it's a game or a movie would be amazing for you to be able to carve out your own story, have the tools to do that, and be able to see what the outcome is and there's probably more than one outcome. This is kind of exciting because then there are a lot of aspects to that because it could go even further. It's not just telling a story here, it's really about, there's a lot of elements you can add into, it so you

could bring other people into it, you can make it more group-oriented instead of individual, just watching a movie and not saying anything, but you're talking out loud

you're there's human interaction happening. So that intrigues me a lot and I could go further into that, but it is an amazing way of thinking when you kind of dissect it into its smallest form and realize how we were told stories which now social media broke us out of that and it's not only for the celebrities or radio hosts to take over the screen. It's everyone. Everyone can now be there be their own identity and so I think immersive entertainment is going in that direction where people can be entertained but they want control of it. ” - Zai Ortiz

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