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Swedish Embassy in Romania and the Green Tech & Film Festival present an illuminating panel discussion on the topic of "Swedish Innovation and Technology for Sustainability." In this session, industry leaders and technology experts from Swedish companies operating in Romania will explore the unique approaches and cutting-edge innovations that drive sustainability in the business world.

Discover how Swedish enterprises leverage technology to promote environmental responsibility. From advancements in renewable energy and energy-efficient processes to the implementation of circular economy principles, this panel will showcase a range of innovative solutions designed to minimize ecological impact. The discussion will also touch upon how Swedish companies foster a culture of sustainability by integrating green technology across all aspects of their operations.

Our panelists will share their experiences and insights on overcoming common challenges in the transition to sustainable practices, including reducing carbon footprints, optimizing resource usage, and implementing eco-friendly supply chains. You'll learn about the role of technology in advancing sustainability goals, with examples of successful projects and initiatives led by Swedish companies.

This panel offers a comprehensive look at how Sweden's technological expertise contributes to creating a more sustainable future, providing valuable lessons and inspiration for businesses and environmental advocates alike. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with leading voices in sustainability and gain practical insights into the innovative approaches that are transforming the way companies operate.

To be broadcast starting May  27 – June 3d. Premiere of the full version on  World Environment Day. June 5th,


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