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Re:Think. Talks That Matter

Host and Producer of the Re: Think Podcast. Talks That Matter the podcast offered to you by The Private Investment
Group, that brings together bright minds, thought-leadership insight, and inspiring sustainable development actions. Covering subjects such as public and private equity and ESG best practices, news, and research, including the impact of climate on investing and corporate social responsibility. Learn more:


Sustainable Living Podcast

Creator and Host of the Sustainable Living Podcast. Promoting sustainability in Romania. Learn more:

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Documentary 10 Zece 

10 ZECE (Ten) is the first of a series of documentaries portraying a changing society. It was officially launched online in 2018, on 21st of May, and is available free at

Watch full movie here:


Green Tech & Film Festival 

Founder and Manager of the Green Tech & Film Festival - educational platform using films and conferences for environmental education and promoting green technology. Learn more:


Guerrilla Verde. Green Guerrilla 

Founder of the - digital platform dedicated to environmental education in order to contribute to the formation of a sustainable, informed and responsible society in Romania. addresses both the general public and the educational environment, offering access to a series of educational materials and resources (video lessons, brochures, guides, documentary film recommendations) structured for grades I-V or grades V-VIII. Part of EU Green Week and European Climate Pact. 

Learn more: 

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Strategic communication 

Owner of Image Factory  - company with expertise in strategic communication for social impact and sustainable development projects in Romania.

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