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Entrepreneur, international consultant, business development, and strategic communications. An expert in communication with 14 + years of experience developing communication strategies for socially impactful projects. With a Master's degree in European Social Policies and a Ph.D. candidate researching documentaries as a change agent, certified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner.

Driven by a passion for promoting sustainability and addressing social problems, I launched initiatives such as Green Guerrilla, GreenTech Film Festival, and the Sustainable Living Podcast to increase awareness and knowledge about sustainability.

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My Story

A dedicated ESG and Sustainability advocate with expertise on ESG / Sustainability & Impact communication, founder of an ecosystem that promotes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focused on green technology and innovation. European Climate Pact Ambassador, currently pursuing PhD studies in communication sciences, researching social impact. MA in European Social Policies, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified - the world's most widely used standard for sustainability reporting, Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner. 

In January of 2022 I joined The Private Investment Group with a mission to mobilize capital for building a more global sustainable business environment and to make a positive impact on global society through the private sector. The Private Investment Group interacts with public and private sector financial companies with a core focus on fundraising support, strategic partnerships, and government relations.​ Headquartered in Dubai but with a strong international presence through its global investment partners, The Private Investment Group is considered as the go-to company for businesses around the world looking for smooth GCC market-entry.  

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Hosting and producing  The Re:Think Podcast with the mission o inspire action and accelerate transitions to sustainable business models after the COVID-19 pandemic, inspire companies to reduce their negative impacts while enhancing their positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Agenda and integrating ESG principles in their business, providing executives with the essential tools to take a more conscious approach to impact and business, change mindsets when it comes to financial decision-making presenting best ESG practices and research, providing sustainability insights on the UAE region and globally. 

Entrepreneur, strategic communications expert with a 14+ year track record of advising companies, NGOs, and startups. European Climate Pact Ambassador with strong expertise in communication for sustainable  development, developing projects in order to inform, inspire and support climate action.

My experience spans various industries and I’ve worked and developed long-standing relationships with leading global companies and organizations providing services to fulfill clients’ needs, through creative communication. I work across markets and cultures to support business growth through strategic communication strategy, branding, media relations and internal communications, media training for top executives, delivering high-impact advocacy and consumer engagement campaigns, digital engagement and crisis communication, working with local and national authorities, educational entities, and local and international diplomatic organizations.

I’ve refined these skills while growing a company that promotes sustainability and mentoring young talents and volunteers, with a keen eye and a strong focus on professional ethics.

Concerned with the social problems facing Romanian society, I am currently actively involved, applying my knowledge and expertise in the field of communication and environmental education. 

Over the years I have founded a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and information underlying a sustainable society in Romania: - digital platform dedicated to environmental education; - festival promoting green technologies and a sustainable lifestyle;

Sustainable Living Podcast-podcast dedicated to promoting the concept of sustainability in society.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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