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Connecting impact investors with social enterprises

The new reality given by the current global crisis has triggered a reconsideration of several beliefs in the business world. Sustainability has become more than a common term. Its integration in every business decision regarding the development of a company is now a global trend to which more and more leaders from all fields are trying to apply a new way of doing business.

” Connecting impact investors with social enterprises” is the first episode of the second season, covering subjects like social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, woman entrepreneurs, social impact investing, ESG, woman empowerment, and microfinancing with Sheetal Mehta Walsh, Global Advisor, Ignite Impact Partners Fund.

Sheetal has 25+ years of experiencein tech and global investments, having worked with over 1,000 global companies across multiple industries as a founder, investor, and board member. Her past responsibilities include the creation and global implementation of Microsoft’s first VC Relations business for Bill Gates; being appointed Deal Maker for the British Government to advise and secure funding of GBP 1 billion for 900 companies worldwide; and founding Shanti Life, an organisation that has impacted thousands of women, through financial inclusion, to become leaders themselves. Sheetal’s highly coveted skill set has also put her in the seat of Senior Advisor for the UoA’s innovation fund. Her vast and diverse network provides deep global reach to solve our planet’s biggest obstacles and scale businesses.

”We have a very different understanding now of social entrepreneurship because we have seen the negative effects of what the pandemic has done to many different communities and I don’t think we are talking about folks who are working in companies and investors and positions on board and thought leaders around the world. We are talking about social innovation and impacting the need of people around the world who may be in vulnerable situations – prior to the pandemic they have not been vulnerable, but unfortunately, they do find themselves vulnerable now – and that means we as global citizens must be responsible that are going to affect positively not just our community but also those vulnerable communities around the world who could certainly benefit from health technology, financial payments and as we all know and hear about globally is the concept of clean tech and how we are going to change the way we live as social people, as social entrepreneurs, as social investors and citizens who care about the world.

My hope is that we will get rid of the phrase ”social entrepreneurship” in the future and we will just be entrepreneurs because in effect garnering the innovation that we can to make positive effects should be at the priority level of all investors and entrepreneurs alongside making financial returns. ” says Sheetal.

Ignite Impact Partners Fund builds capital stack plans and acts as the financial catalyst for Climate Impact through our proven team and syndicate partners, bringing together ROI and social ROI.

Re:Think podcast’s mission is to inspire action and accelerate transitions to sustainable business models, inspire companies to reduce their negative impacts while enhancing their positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Agenda, and integrate ESG principles in their business.


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