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Employee Engagement, What Else?

Inge van Belle is the Co-founder of Herculean Alliance, the Belgium and UAE based organisation that specializes in employee engagement. Inge has been active in 10 countries advising organizations to tackle the challenge of disengaged employees. Her team’s approach is based on consulting, events, and an HR tech platform. During the Corona crisis, Inge’s company started the Employee Engagement Awards initiative. Together with partners like Nespresso, Microsoft, and ISS, they encourage companies, small and big, to submit their extraordinary stories of employees going the extra mile during these challenging times. Inge’s tagline is: “We rise by lifting others.”

As the founder of Pink Ladies Games and Herculix Foundation, she is a strong advocate of social entrepreneurship. She actively supports and promotes the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, more specifically SDG 3 (Good health and Well-being) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality).

About the book “Employee Engagement, what else!”

• The book analyses the 12 drivers of employee engagement, illustrated by numerous inspiring customer cases.

• It also gives business leaders a useful toolkit to up their engagement game, by using best practices from other areas like marketing and technology.

• The book has been published end of January in Europe and is currently being translated and adapted to the UAE market with local cases and experts.

Join me for episode 8 of the Re:Think Podcast "Employee Engagement, What Else?" with Inge Van Belle, Co-Founder Herculean Alliance for a discussion about mental health, companies’ culture, communication, leadership, sustainability knowledge, and competence within the company, the book ”Employee Engagement, What Else?”

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