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Join the Good Movement

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

It's never easy to do good. But somehow Marc Cirera, Founder & CEO, and his team from Companies for Good found a way to help businesses change for good.

“It's never easy to do good. To be honest, we live in a society where we focus a lot on profits, we focus a lot on consuming wealth and not so much on the planet or the well-being of society, so we always need to make a little effort to be put. However, we do see that people now are slightly more connected more aware that things cannot continue as business as usual because a simple thing like a pandemic can change everybody's lives and so we have seen a shift

in people's mindset that people want to spend more time with their loved ones, they want to spend more time in nature they, are rethinking the way we want to live.” says Marc.

Mark Cirera is the Founder & CEO of Companies for Good, a social enterprise designed to help businesses change for good. Marc is a business ethics and CSR specialist with a clear vision: a world where companies operate more sustainably and responsibly. A born entrepreneur, Marc was introduced into the business world at a very early age. At 19, Marc set up his first business in hospitality while studying Economy & Business Administration in Barcelona.

Marc ran the business for four years, then sold it and used the profits to pursue his Master’s in Business Ethics in Sydney. After graduation, Marc moved to London where he worked at a communications consultancy, Radley Yeldar, as an Employee Engagement & Sustainability consultant for 5 years.

He helped multinational companies, such as Rolls-Royce, ABB, Nivea, and Cargill, become stronger by putting ethics, values, and CSR at the heart of their organizations. Marc landed in Dubai in 2015 and joined the sustainability team of the luxury retail giant Chalhoub Group. In parallel to their full-time job he developed and launched Companies for Good (in May 2017) and has been fully dedicated to the social impact start-up since November 2018.

Here is the episode 3 of the RE: Think podcast, “Join the Good Movement" dedicated to topics such as doing good, transition to sustainable business, ethics of business, CSR ecosystem in the region, types of CSR activities & measuring the impact, systemic changes, and implications of a real change in society.

Re: Think is the podcast offered to you by The Private Investment Group, that brings together bright minds, thought-leadership insight, and inspiring sustainable development actions. With each guest, we want to inspire action and provoke talks that matter.

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