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UNITE Monaco F1: Time to change the game

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Meeting sustainable development while facing today’s challenges of our society requires a group effort. Also, while ESG investing is a well-established practice in Europe and North America, such investment strategies are lacking in the UAE region. The Private Investment Group has been developing projects for quite some years now and is helping start-ups.

Episode 4 of ReThink "UNITE Events & Promoting the Principles of Responsible Business" focuses on ESG initiatives within the GCC, impact investment, the benefits of supporting responsible business principles, ESG principles promoted and implemented by Formula 1, and why UNITE Events has chosen Monaco during the Grand Prix as a next event location.

My guest for this episode is Alastair Lidel CEO & Founder at The Private Investment Group & UNITE Events, a seasoned leader with vast experience in many verticals over the last 15 years. Specializing in Fundraising, Portfolio Advisory, Fund Placement, and Corporate Leadership and having lived and worked in London, Switzerland, Monaco and the Middle East enjoy one of the most enviable networks globally. Alastair learned his craft working with some of the largest and most private Families throughout Europe and the Middle East, helping them to identify new emerging markets in which to diversify their portfolios to protect and ensure sustained growth.

“Formula One has often been used as a testbed for new technologies that once proven to be efficient, and work then gets rolled out into the new Mercedes cars or the new Alfa Romeo cars, or Ferrari cars. So, there's always been an enormous focus from Formula One on these sectors and it's, therefore, a very good time to be raising ESG as a topic and a subject for a much deeper discussion.”

☑”One of our panels which we'll host on the boat is the future of fuel, so we have people from Petronas coming on to talk about the fuels they're developing. We have a new biodiesel which has been made in Switzerland for high performance and zero-emission.”

”We have CEOs of major oil companies from around the world coming to talk about what they're doing as a business. Businesses that have made tens of billions of dollars. But I know personally that there are millions being poured into what the next 50 years are going to look like for them and it's going to look very different from the last 50 years.”

UNITE Monaco F1 (May 2022) has a clear the mission of bringing together in an innovative approach, global industries, countries, and high-profile individuals from the investment, finance, social and business world for 3 days on our 165ft Superyacht parked trackside for unrivaled views of the track.

What is UNITE? The World is undergoing a paradigm shift and many aspects of business are changing and will need to change to allow us to continue our business journey in a safe, secure, and progressive manner. Today knowledge, sharing the correct insights and cooperation is vital for any business and region around the world.

UNITE aims to reignite discussions and forge new partnerships so that physical interactions can only be achieved. UNITE is a concept that can also be found in Monaco, Zurich, and New York, to allow both public and private sector wealth to meet and engage with other governments and private wealth from around the world. With a guest list of family offices, funds, U/HNWI, multinational companies, and fast growth businesses UNITE Events is set to raise the bar and bring together the pioneers and agents of change from the full global spectrum of business under one roof.

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