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Echoes from the European Climate Pact Ambassadors: Urgency and Unity in Climate Action

European Climate Stocktake Report

Author: Nicoleta Talpes, November 1, 2023, Brussel

Image: Nicoleta Talpes, European Climate Pact Ambassador

On October 27, 2023, high-level policymakers from the European Union and across the world get together in Brussels for the European Climate Stocktake with stakeholders to discuss:

  • What progress and achievements have marked the eight years since the Paris Agreement and what can we expect from the UN climate negotiations this year

  • How can the EU help move the rest of the world along the path to ambitious decarbonization?

  • How do European stakeholders see the state of the green transition and the way forward?

The event featured speakers from the EU and around the world, including UN agencies, businesses, NGOs, academia, and youth. You will also hear stories from successful European projects and initiatives active in the net-zero transition.

Key take-away messages from the event will be shared with the international community in the run-up to the Global Stocktake set to conclude at COP28 in Dubai, in December.

As a representative of the European Climate Pact Ambassadors, I presented our ambassador's insights, in the European Climate Stocktake—an event that stands as a cornerstone in the ongoing efforts towards global climate action. The discussions encapsulated a collective voice—a chorus of urgency and unity echoing throughout the European Climate Pact. We've come together to discuss the strides and hurdles in the EU's climate journey, where our shared dedication and insights are aimed at accelerating sustainable climate action.

Image: European Climate Stocktake, Brussels, October 27, 2023

Throughout the discourse, we explored the remarkable progress the EU has made towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. There's a palpable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a commendable surge in renewable energy sources, both reflective of the EU's commitment. However, despite these strides, the pace of change falls short of the urgency required to combat climate change.

Challenges such as regional disparities in climate action within the EU and the complexities of policy implementation were spotlighted during the discussion. These disparities create imbalances in environmental benefits and challenges, hindering the swift realization of climate goals. The call for streamlined policies and a more equitable distribution of adaptation efforts resonated strongly among the Ambassadors.

Image: Wopke Hoekstra, European Commissioner for Climate Action

The recommendations put forth by the European Climate Ambassadors presented together with Udo Engelhardt, also European Climate Pact Ambassador, emphasize a cohesive, coordinated approach, advocating for investments in renewable energy, a holistic perspective in environmental policies, and proactive disaster prevention measures. These recommendations go beyond immediate steps; they pave the way for a sustainable future, making climate change a central and continuing priority.

In his presentation, Udo Engelhardt highlighted the collective values shared by Climate Pact Ambassadors—values of responsibility, systemic understanding, and the importance of compassion and shared humanity in addressing the climate crisis.

The messages directed to COP28 were clear and powerful advocating for a phase-out of fossil fuels, addressing 'Loss & Damage,' promoting climate diplomacy, and showcasing humanity in actions aligned with climate goals. These messages underscore the need for urgent, truthful, responsible, and collaborative action to address the pressing realities of climate change.

The themes and discussions during the European Climate Stocktake resound the urgent call for action and cooperation. They highlight the interconnectedness and the need for a fundamental shift in our collective approach toward a more sustainable future. The time for meaningful action is now, echoing the urgency, responsibility, and shared values that are integral in addressing the climate emergency.

Image: Kurt Vandenberghe, Director-General – Directorate-General Climate Action (DG CLIMA)

Our European Climate Pact Ambassador's representation at the European Climate Stocktake has redefined the pathway to COP28 and beyond. Our voices have collectively laid the foundation for a more sustainable, collaborative, and humane response to the climate emergency.

Together, we stand poised for action—urging the EU and its global partners to embrace the urgency and shared responsibility necessary for addressing the climate crisis. As individuals and as a collective, let us respond swiftly, decisively, and compassionately to secure a future where our planet and all its inhabitants thrive.

About: European Climate Stocktake, October 17, 2023

In 2015, 196 countries adopted the Paris Agreement, the world’s first-ever legally binding treaty on climate change, aiming to limit global warming to 1.5°C or a maximum 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Eight years on, so much has happened – both in terms of climate change and climate action. How well are we progressing? It’s time to take stock.

On Friday 27 October for the European Climate Stocktake - EU and global progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, an event to reflect on the EU and the world’s progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The event aims to contribute to the discussion in the run-up to the Global Stocktake, the UNFCCC’s first review of the global progress made in implementing the Paris Agreement, which will conclude at COP28 in November.

The European Climate Stocktake. Policymakers, scientists, and activists will have their say on whether Europe and the rest of the world is on track to meet the goals of the #ParisAgreement For more visit:



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